Lacus Clyne

Lacus is a boss character in Eight Marbles 2 and 2X. She guest stars from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

She has come searching for a great power to revive her space colony, (named PLANT) that partisipated in a war. She is responcible for the creation of Clone Lilie, Orca X (Orca when she is captured), the capture of Arekuto Belphegor after the events of the first Eight Marble game and the summoming and manipulating of Maiden Astraea. She is Eight Marbles 2X and Eight Marbles 2's main villain for most charcters.

Eight Marbles 2X

In Eight Marbles 2X, she is a boss character, but is also playable in a hidden slot on the character select screen. Her notable attacks are a dashing grab that steals health on hit, a long range, fast, low hitting shockwave creating stomp that combos into a helper attack with a anti air version, a fast overhead attack using someone as a weapon and a fast super that starts in the air. Since she is a boss, she has better meter gain.

She is extremely fast, with fast moves that unfairly punish the enemy, but her AI is very reactive, and if a smart person examines her behavior, they can bait her to do an attack that will leave her open to attack. She also lacks a fast raw projectile, making her slighly weaker at extreme ranges.


Lacus is very determined to her goal, and as such is not afraid to do whatever needed to achieve that goal. She seems to enjoy causing pain to a degree, and doesnt care about what her meddleing has done to certain other characters because of her experiments.

Her speech shows she likes to demostrate her power to the point that her enemy will submit or run away, as when she summons Arekuto for a attack she says "Do you still not understand?".

Special Moves

This applies to standard keyboard controls.


 Lacus Taunt


Lacus pulls out her Haro. Gives over 1/2 of a super bar. The Haro can hit the enemy on contact doing 3 damage and knocking them away a little. If its hits it drops to the floor.