Hukio Hio

Hukio Hio is a playable character in Eight Marbles 2X. While not part of the original character roster, she was one of the earliest characters added debuting sometime during 2011. According to her official page, Hukio Hio was added by the request of overseas fans (who or where is not specified).

Eight Marbles 2X

In this game, Hukio Hio fights using a mix of magic and farts. She has a well rounded skill-set suitable for both aggressive and defensive play. A fair amount of her moves have disjointed hitboxes extending away from her; this along with her air swing give Hukio plenty of options for keeping space between her and her opponent.


Not much is known about Hukio besides her actions in-game. She appears to be a playful type, seemingly enjoying her battles with the other characters as she manipulates them with her magic and acrobatics all while blasting them with farts.

Special Command List

Commands: B + C
Hukio08 Hukio blows a kiss, gaining roughly 1/3 super bar upon completion.
Rolling Down
Commands: ↓ ↘ → + A -or- D
Hukio02 Hukio performs a rolling wheel kick that hits twice, first with her buttocks then her legs. With proper timing, either hit can be canceled into a different special command move. She is vulnerable to attack for a moment during the first half of the flip as the hitbox doesn't actually appear until the later half.
Magic Box
Commands: (While airborne) ↓ ↘ → + A -or- D
Hukio05 Hukio produces a large box in front of her and immediately drops down. If the box makes contact with the opponent, they become trapped within it where Hukio will immediately hop on top and unleash a salvo of farts into it. The box then breaks and Hukio ejects the victim out of her top hat, away from her with one final burst of gas. The move comes out quick and has a sizable hitbox, making it perfect for punishing an unwary opponent while also sending them to the opposite side of the screen.
Air Swing Hell
Commands: ↓ ↘ → + B, C -or- E, F (Can be done while grounded or airborne.)
Hukio03 Hukio leaps backwards, then swings forward on an invisible trapeze. If she catches an opponent while swinging, they're dragged along to the end of the swing after which Hukio kneels on them and lets out a few farts onto their face. Hukio has invulnerability frames while leaping backwards at the start of the move. The opponent can block the move while standing, or avoid it completely by crouching.
Cannon Burst
Commands: → ↓ ↘ + A, B, C -or- ↓ + D, E, F
Hukio04 Hukio strikes a pose while extending her top hat forward, functioning as a grab. If she is close enough to her opponent, a pipe will form around them and Hukio will fart into her top hat; the gas is then magically expelled from the pipe, launching the opponent vertically in the process and leaving them open to attack. Each attack button speeds up the grab animation while reducing the range ever so slightly, with A/D being the slowest + furthest reaching and C/F the fastest + shortest reaching.
Magic Fart
Commands: ↓ ↙ ← + A, B, C -or- ← + D, E, F
Hukio01 Hukio places her top hat on her rear end, and fires an invisible projectile across the screen. After a pre-set distance or making contact with the opponent, a projection of Hukio's butt will appear at the destination letting out a fart. Each attack button determines how far this projection flies, with A/D being the shortest and C/F almost reaching the other side of the screen.
Disappear Illusion
Commands: ↓ ↘ → ↓ ↘ → + C -or- → + E + F
Hukio07 Costs 3 super bars.

Hukio does a combination of her Rolling Down and Magic Box attacks. If it hits, her Magic box sequence plays out up until the ejection point, where the opponent fails to emerge. In an apparant mishap, the opponent is actually trapped within her butt and Hukio fires off a few farts in order to release them. Does extreme damage.

Burst Illusion
Commands: ↓ ↙ ←↓ ↙ ← + C -or- ← + E + F
Hukio06 Costs 3 super bars.

An enhanced version of her Cannon Burst attack, Hukio reaches out with her hat and traps the opponent in the same way. Upon being lauched, the opponent is assaulted with a barrage of farts via multiple projections of Hukio's butt which then culminate in one final blast from each. Just as with the normal version, the opponent is left vulnerable afterward. Does extreme damage.


Color Palettes


  • Hukio is 16 years old, according to her Fighter Maker data.
  • Hukio's health is set at 290.